April 11, 2017

The We Belong Together Kids Action sponsors include We Belong Together -- a campaign of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, WeCount!, PowerU, the American Friends Service Committee, the Women’s March, #LoveArmy, MomsRising, FLIC, Make it Work, National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, The UndocuBlack Network and the Women's Refugee Commission.

When elected officials in Miami-Dade county turned their backs on immigrant families, local children and youth refused to back down. This April, they’ll caravan from Miami to Washington, DC to demand that our elected leaders stand up to Trump’s bullying and defend their families, their friends and their future.

Throughout the journey, they’ll meet with youth rising up in communities across the Southeast. When the Caravan arrives in DC on April 13th they’ll be hundreds strong. The youth will create an unbreakable circle of unity to show Trump that we will not stop fighting until our families, our friends, and our future are safe.

Many thanks to the powerful partners making this journey possible! For more information, visit http://www.webelongtogetherkids.org/about.html

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“We are unbreakable; we are strong & we stand up for what’s right! #WeBelongTogether!” https://youtu.be/pN9YP-r08FY

Our voices will be heard loud & clear. We'll never give up!” Elena kicking off #WeBelongTogether Kids Caravan to DC pic.twitter.com/7BAQqHqAJQ

Kids like Jasmine know #WeBelongTogther. That's why she’s spending #springbreak saying #NoBanNoWallNoRaids. pic.twitter.com/5MVebcxUFO

TODAY: kids traveling FL to DC to stand up for their families, friends & future. Watch https://www.facebook.com/207549645977714/videos/1365223993543601/ #WeBelongTogether #heretostay

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Kids know their bonds are stronger than Trump’s hate. Watch them kick off their #WeBelongTogether Caravan to DC: https://www.facebook.com/207549645977714/videos/1365223993543601/

"Our voices will be heard loud & clear. We'll never give up! We are unbreakable!” Elena kicks off #WeBelongTogether Kids Caravan to DC https://www.facebook.com/207549645977714/videos/1365223993543601/