A Message from Board Chair, Carlos Moctezuma García

October 2020

Dear Friend,

Otay Mesa. Etowah. Farmville. Berks. Aurora. Howard. Pine Prairie.

These are just some of the jails where men, women, and children are detained, sometimes for years, while going through their immigration proceedings.

ICE continues to detain members of our community en masse and for petty reasons. The harsh and inhumane laws targeting people of color are in full effect along the border leaving families devastated, communities broken, and employers without employees.

Let me tell you a story.

Ronaldo* was detained by ICE in abominable conditions in Louisiana. Crowding. Poor ventilation. Lack of decent food. No access to medical care. In the middle of a COVID outbreak.

With your help and the help of others like you, as part of NIPNLG’s litigation, Ronaldo was able to leave the detention center and reunite with his family.

You made this possible. Will you make a gift to NIPNLG today and do the same for another family?

GIVE NOW for Justice in the Courts!

Thanks to you, at the Farmville Detention Center in rural Virginia, NIPNLG successfully blocked the transfer of immigrants into the facility.

The lawsuit came after ICE moved 74 people, 51 of whom had COVID-19, from facilities in Arizona and Florida to Farmville in June. A COVID outbreak then exploded at the facility, with 90% of people detained there testing positive. One person died just days before he was set to return to his home and family in Canada.

But now the government wants to restart transfers into Farmville. Will you make a gift to NIPNLG today to help continue this fight?

Your financial gift means that the National Immigration Project can take these jailors to court to stop their inhumane and unlawful practices.

The progress at ICA-Farmville is just one result of your support for NIPNLG.

Can I count on you to show up again for those who are detained?

  • Your gift gets medically vulnerable immigrants out of unsafe jails.
  • Your gift defends their right to legal counsel.
  • Your gift means detention centers are held accountable for abusing immigrants.
  • Your gift means lawyers and advocates in the trenches are trained to protect and defend those who need it the most.

Will you help lead the fight to resist ICE and secure immigrant safety by making a donation to NIPNLG today?

It’s an honor to serve as the NIPNLG’s Board Chair. I ask that you join me today in donating to NIPNLG’s life-supporting work.

Sincerely yours,

Carlos Moctezuma García, Board Chair
McAllen, TX

p.s. write to me with your thoughts anytime: cgarcia@garciagarcialaw.com.

p.p.s. because of the ongoing pandemic, an online donation would be great. I promise that every dollar will be put to good use in the fight for immigrant rights — during COVID-19 and beyond. Donate today. Thank you for showing up for justice.

GIVE NOW for Justice in the Courts!

*(not our client’s real name)