A Message from Sirine Shebaya, Executive Director

October 2021

Dear Friend,

Thank you for enabling NIP to reach its milestone 50th anniversary year!

YOU helped win freedom for more than 40 women at the Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia, where they experienced medical abuse, including non consensual gynecological surgeries. Together we also helped force the permanent closure of the detention center.

You also helped NIP secure the release of Karim Golding (pictured left) after more than four years in ICE detention—an effort that truly took a village—and the release of Alpha Mansaray, who faced severe retaliation for speaking out about inhumane conditions during the COVID pandemic.

YOU helped win freedom for these and dozens of others. Can I count on you to donate today to do the same for another family torn apart by unjust laws and policies?

With your support, NIP is able to fight alongside those who have always borne the brunt of our unjust laws—including Black immigrants, LGBTQIA+ immigrants, women, and immigrants living in underserved regions of the U.S.

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Can we count on you to show up again for those who are detained?

Our communities also need tools and resources. Since the start of the Biden presidency, our FREE online resources have been consulted more than 37,000 times—including 33 legal advisories, bi-lingual Know Your Rights guidelines, and up-to-the-minute analyses of new immigration bills and ICE priorities.

YOU make these resources freely available. Will you donate now so NIP can remain a leading voice for immigrant rights?

As NIP reaches its historic 50th anniversary in December, we know our nation is on a long journey to becoming a place where immigrants are able to live freely, and to flourish.

We would love it if, in honor of the NIP's 50th anniversary, you could make a special donation and/or join our monthly recurring donors to help us promote a system based in humanity and compassion, instead of punishment and harm.

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Please also consider becoming one of 50 NEW monthly supporters to join our sustainer program by December 1st. The program makes regular donations easy, and you get to pick the amount you feel comfortable donating each month. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Pamela Goldstein at (617) 227-9727 x5.

"We love supporting the NIP and other causes we care about monthly - this way, we won't forget AND we can give more over time without it feeling like a big hit to our pocketbooks." -Christine Kelso, Cardiff, CA

"By making a monthly donation, I feel reassured that my contributions are working continuously and that NIP can plan their budget more effectively. I say to myself that my monthly amount is about the same as one meal in a good restaurant, and it is the least I can do." -Dion Frischer, Ann Arbor, MI.

Thank you for your support - it makes a difference!

With gratitude,

Sirine Shebaya, Executive Director
Washington, DC

p.s. If you prefer, you may also mail a check to: NIPNLG • 2201 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 200 • Washington, DC 20007. Thank you.

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