NIPNLG, ILRC and NIJC Oppose H.R. 3697

H.R. 3697, the “Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act,” purports to use concern for public safety to obscure its true impetus, apparent racial animus. This Act is another example of Congress working overtime to implement Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. Read the statement »

NIPNLG Condemns Trump Decision to Terminate DACA

We stand in solidarity today - and every day - with immigrant recipients of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). Read the press release »

New Report Exposes the Toll of Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Agenda on Immigrant Women and Communities in Georgia

glahr and nipnlg reportAugust 22, 2017 – Compiled by the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR) and NIPNLG, The Luchadoras of Georgia tells the story of everyday women caught in Trump’s deportation pipeline--where traffic stops by local police has become the focal point for deportation and helped spur a 75% increase in ICE arrests.
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Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, 2017 member honoree @ AILA 2017

July 1 , 2017 – On June 23, 2017, friends and members of the National Immigration Project gathered for the 2017 NIPNLG Member Reception during the annual American Immigration Lawyers Association convention, this year in New Orleans. 2017 Member Honoree Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia accepted her recognition for outstanding work on behalf of immigant justice.
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Court Hands Trump Administration Another Defeat on Immigration

June 23, 2017 – A U.S. District Court in Washington state rejected the Trump administration’s effort to dismiss a lawsuit targeting a once-secret program used to deny qualified Muslim immigrants from obtaining citizenship and permanent residency status, and also granted the case class-action status.
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A Guide on Organizing as Defense Against Federal Investigations and Prosecutions

report cover mijenteJune 5, 2017 – NIPNLG and Mijente released a guide that outlines how community-based organizations can develop a security and defense plan in the event that federal law enforcement targets leaders or staff for federal investigation and prosecution, such as smuggling, harboring, and transporting charges and related federal crimes.

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New Report Details How Increasing Funding for “Zero-Tolerance” Immigration Laws “Will Destroy Lives and Waste Billions”

report coverMay 26, 2017 - "Dismantle, Don’t Expand: The 1996 Immigration Laws" offers policy-makers, advocates, and reporters an accessible study of the 1996 laws, the devastating human and fiscal impact their implementation has had on millions of Americans, and the argument for doing away with them.
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NIPNLG Proudly Announces its 2017 Member Honoree: Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia

Shoba Sivaprasad WadhiaMay 4, 2017 - “Shoba is a principled leader, a staunch advocate for immigrants, and mentor to scores of students. We are proud to recognize her contributions to our struggle and to our movement.” Please honor Shoba by placing a congratulatory message in the Commemorative Program Book being produced in her honor for the occasion. Deadline to be included is June 2, 2017. Learn more »

Family Sues ICE, City of Chicago, after Gang Database Information Led to Violent Immigration Raid that Left Immigrant Severely Injured

Celene Adame and familyMay 1, 2017 - “I saw the immigration agents slam my husband to the floor while we told them he was injured, but they still hurt him and took him to detention…There needs to be consequences for everyone responsible for hurting our family, for my husband, and so that it doesn’t happen to others. That’s why today we are here marching and why we are filing the lawsuit.”

Paromita Shah to Speak at The Color of Surveillance: Government Monitoring of American Immigrants

color of surveillanceApril 27, 2017 - Paromita Shah and sixteen other distinguished panelists will speak on June 22, 2017 at the Georgetown Law, Center on Privacy & Technology. Since the Snowden disclosures of 2013, it's been a truism in Washington that "everyone is watched." But history shows that not everyone is watched equally: Instead, people of color, immigrants, religious minorities, and LGBT persons have disproportionately been the targets of government tracking.

A Letter from Pamela Goldstein, Director of Development

pamela goldsteinApril 6, 2017 - Information is power. Together, we are providing critical information to fight the new war on immigrants. Here's how. Yesterday, the NIP published a community advisory on Social Media, Criminalization, and Immigration with our allies at Research Action Design. The advisory warns noncitizens how immigration agents may use social media accounts for deportation proceedings and other actions. It also includes ways to reduce risk. The advisory got 900 hits its first day. We are now translating it into Spanish.
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NIPNLG Partners with #WeBelongTogether Kids Caravan

we belong together logoWhen elected officials in Miami-Dade county turned their backs on immigrant families, local children and youth refused to back down. This April, they’ll caravan from Miami to Washington, DC to demand that our elected leaders stand up to Trump’s bullying and defend their families, their friends and their future.

ICE Uses a Cannabis Misdemeanor To Arrest, Deport

sejalIn a recent Leafly article, Sejal Zota estimates that in 2013 alone, roughly 6,000 people were deported for personal possession of marijuana. According to the article, "A big part of the new, bolder tactics on the border is the stepped-up investigation of an immigrant or traveler’s mobile phone, email, and social networking data."

Community Advisory: Social Media, Criminalization, and Immigration

mobile biometricsApril 3, 2017 - DHS uses social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, in immigration enforcement. Information shared on social media could be used against a person to arrest you, detain you, put you in fast-track deportation or regular deportation proceedings, or to stop you from getting immigration benefits, such as a green card, DACA or TPS.

Unchecked DHS Fingerprinting Practice Moves Groups to Press for Transparency

mobile biometricsMarch 28, 2017 - Groups file request for information from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security requesting information about current protocols and constitutional safeguards for the use of biometric machines.

A Letter from the National Immigration Project

letter from nip March 27, 2017 - They say back down, we say double-down. Donald Trump is adding cruelty to an already deeply flawed U.S. immigration and detention system. His contempt for immigrants includes a vicious smear campaign that tars both noncitizens and sanctuary cities. NIPNLG is fighting him every step of the way.

Rights Groups Amend Class Action Suit, Seek Temporary Restraining Order to Newest Version of Trump Administration’s “Muslim Ban”

ali v trump March 10, 2017 - This latest executive order is just the same as the last one but with a bit of artful legal drafting to try to withstand judicial scrutiny,” said Trina Realmuto, Litigation Director of the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild.

Cambodian Deportation Halted Due to Groundswell of Community Support

ched nin released March 8, 2017 - Following months of sustained community advocacy, long-time Minnesota resident Ched Nin was released to his wife and their five children in late February after being held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for over six months.

Supplemental Community Advisory on DHS Implementation Memoranda and Factsheets

key ice facility March 7, 2017 - This community advisory seeks to provide legal and policy analysis on key changes in immigration enforcement resulting from the major shift in DHS policies. Covered are those topic areas that we believe will most impact community defense strategies.

Muslim Ban Unlawfully Targets U.S. Residents Seeking Citizenship and Immigration Status, Civil Rights Groups Sue

xenophobiaFebruary 1, 2017 - Civil and immigrant rights groups asked a federal court to lift the unconstitutional ban that blocks Muslim immigrants lawfully living in the United States from becoming U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and asylees, among other things.
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Letter from Paromita Shah, Associate Director

paromita shah January 31, 2017 - Our collective fight against President Trump is just beginning. Together, a horrendous situation is being met with great force, creativity, litigation, and resistance. We've been working around the clock to support organizing, agitating, and impact litigation from coast to coast. From airport actions across the US this weekend, to Trump counter-inauguration actions and the historic Women’s March, to a lawsuit filed suing the President – it’s been a busy January!
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NIPNLG and Partners File Class Action Suit Challenging Trump Administration’s “Muslim Ban”

January 30, 2017 - NIPNLG along with the American Immigration Council, and Northwest Immigrant Rights Project filed a nationwide, class action lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration’s executive order, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,” on grounds that it violates the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under the law and statutory prohibition against discrimination.

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NIPNLG Secures Release of 9 Detainees in Dallas, TX Over Weekend

muslim banJanuary 30, 2017 - Legal Director Sejal Zota, Board member Javier N. Maldonado, and Vinesh Patel took the case of Shahin Hassanpour, a 70-year old Iranian woman who received her U.S. immigrant visa in September, 2016; and who upon entry to the U.S., would have been granted lawful permanent residence.

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Statement: NIPNLG Denounces President Trump’s Discriminatory Executive Order

refugees welcome

January 28, 2017 - We denounce this Executive Order in the strongest of terms. History demonstrates that such policies and laws as the Chinese Exclusion Act, the so-called Japanese internment, the Palmer Raids, Operation W**back , and others, are in retrospect viewed as irreconcilable with the tenets of democracy.

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FAQ for Community Groups Immigration Enforcement Executive Actions: Interior Enforcement

January 26, 2017 - This advisory is intended to provide community groups with a preliminary summary and analysis regarding these changes in interior immigration enforcement, which we will revise as we learn more about enforcement practices under the New Administration.

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Press Release: We Must End the Normalization of Mass Criminalization

January 26, 2017 - President Trump’s executive orders on immigration exemplify contempt for the human rights and safety of millions of Americans of color – and if enacted by Congress, will have far-reaching societal consequences beyond their stated scope. Read the full press release, put out in conjunction with Immigrant Justice Network »

Call to Action: Help Stop the Deportation of 18-Year-Old Yosselin Herrera

herrera asylum portraitJanuary 23, 2017 - “In 2014, I fled El Salvador because of gender violence and threats from the MS 13 gang. I came to Siler City to reunite with my family. If I’m sent back to El Salvador, it could mean my death sentence.”
Download the flyer in English »   Descargar en español »

Travel Advisory for Noncitizens Traveling to Washington, DC for Rallies, Protests, or Actions: 8 Things Immigrants Can Do

8 waysJanuary 11, 2017 - We anticipate that more and more noncitizens may want to engage in political protest in Washington, DC. The National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild (NIPNLG) supports the political rights of noncitizens, and believes it is critical to prepare appropriately if you plan to visit Washington, DC by plane, car, bus or train. Knowing the risks and preparing for them should be part of the planning process for every group or delegation traveling to Washington, DC.

Read the Advisory and download the infographic »

Advisory: Trump Considers Targeting Muslims for Special Registration: Q&A

special registration separates familiesNovember 23, 2016 - Trump Has Not Yet Revived NSEERS. While there are rumors that the Trump Administration may revitalize NSEERS (National Security Entry/Exit Registration System), there is no Special Requirement currently in place. Preliminary Q&A below.

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Report: Abuse, Neglect Common at Immigrant Detention Centers in South

report cover shadow prison southNovember 21, 2016 - Trump Deportation Plan Would Worsen Detention Center Failures. Investigation finds detainees are routinely denied due process, and frequently endure inhumane conditions in isolated facilities that have little oversight from the federal government.

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NIPLNG Stands in Solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives

Read our statement » Take the pledge »

Harsh Treatment of Immigrant Youth Exposes an Unjust System

paromita shahNovember 3, 2016 - Paromita Shah writes in the Huffington Post, "Imagine how terrified you would be if your loved one went missing with no trace. Such tactics are not only degrading and dehumanizing. They are cruel. And now they are a way of life in North Carolina and Georgia." Read the blog »

Settle Lawsuit Challenging Failure of U.S. Customs and Border Protection to Timely Respond to FOIA Requests

trinaOctober 5, 2016 - In accordance with a settlement reached by the parties, a federal district court dismissed a class action lawsuit which challenged U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) nationwide practice of failing to timely respond to requests for case information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The suit was filed in 2015 by five immigration attorneys and 13 noncitizens, all of whom had filed FOIA requests that had been pending between 7 and 24 months—significantly longer than the 20-business day period set by law for an agency to respond to a FOIA request.

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Read the article, "CBP Settles FOIA Fight with Immigration Attorneys, Noncitizens" by Kelly Knaub

The National Immigration Project applauds the Tenth Circuit’s decision in Golicov v. Lynch

sejalSeptember 19, 2016 - It is the fourth federal appellate court that has ruled in favor of due process and fair notice for immigrants, joining the Ninth, Sixth, and Seventh Circuit courts. The National Immigration Project has been working to challenge this particular statutory provision for many years because of its vague language and inconsistent application. We have witnessed the confusion and uncertainty caused by 16(b) both for noncitizen defendants as they try to determine the immigration consequences of their pleas, and for fact-finders who try to apply its nebulous provision. Today's decision reinforces the principal that every noncitizen facing removal should be guaranteed a consistent application of the laws and a judicially fair process. The case was argued by Skyler Anderson, with the National Immigration Project as amicus.
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Community Members Urge Dept. of Homeland Security to Release Crucial Document on Systemic Civil Rights Violations at Etowah County Immigrant Detention Center

shut down etowah signage September 8, 2016 - NIPNLG and civic, faith, immigrants’ rights activists gathered to announce the filing of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for a key document issued by the Department of Homeland Security/DHS’s civil rights watchdog office calling for the closure of the infamous Etowah immigrant detention center in Gadsden, Alabama.

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North Carolina Youth Wildin Acosta and Alexander Soriano Released From Detention

north carolinaAugust 18, 2016 - NIPNLG celebrates the release of two North Carolina teens and calls for ICE to release other incarcerated youth.

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Lugo-Resendez v. Lynch: Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

July 29, 2016 - The American Immigration Council and NIPNLG applaud the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision yesterday in Lugo-Resendez v. Lynch. The decision strongly reaffirms the importance of immigrants’ statutory right to file a motion to reopen, a procedural protection meant to ensure a proper and lawful outcome in an immigration proceeding. Download the press release »

DHS Supplementary Guidance on Sensitive Locations Fails to Address Aggressive Raids

July 26, 2016 - NIPNLG Calls on DHS Secretary Johnson to Release Wildin Acosta and Other Raid Victims. Download the press release »

Victory in Fifth Circuit, Gomez-Perez v. Lynch

July 11, 2016 - Fifth Circuit Agrees with NIPNLG Amicus Brief in Hermenegildo Gomez-Perez v. Loretta Lynch. Congrats to NIPNLG Legal Director Sejal Zota. Download the decision »

Victory in Sixth Circuit Opinion, Shuti v. Lynch

July 7, 2016 - The side supported by an NIPNLG amicus brief won in the Sixth Circuit in a published opinion, Shuti v. Lynch. 16(b) Crime of Violence was found unconstitutional. NIPNLG was amicus in this case. As the government presently tries to get the Supreme Court to review the decision in Dimaya, now there is no longer a circuit split. Read the decision here: »

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