• dan kesselbrenner speaking at 2015 conference

    Every year at this time I try to savor the hard-won victories and learn from the setbacks, in order to make the National Immigration Project/NLG better able to respond to the enormous challenges facing our communities in the year ahead.

    It inspires me that immigrant and justice communities were so active in 2015, fighting back against police cooperation with DHS, against degrading detention conditions, mass incarceration, and unfair laws, while insisting that Black Lives Matter.

    Most recently, we have been advocating hard in support of the Bangladeshi and other hunger strikers fighting the injustice of prolonged imprisonment. Associate Director Paromita Shah has been speaking on several news outlets; just Friday she appeared on Al Jazeera America, denouncing unlawful mass deportations, and the abusive treatment that gave rise to the strikes. As we continue to challenge deportability, expose governmental misconduct, and support immigrant communities in struggle, your support is so vital.

    I am grateful for the vibrant immigrant rights community that makes its home at NIPNLG.

    Thank you for your support.