• Dear NIPNLG community,

    This week the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in U.S. v. Texas. While many of us anticipated this outcome, it still comes as a blow. But we know that the NIPNLG community is if anything resilient, and that now, as we always have done, we stand in solidarity with the nation's immigrants and immigrant famlies.

    Please recommit to NIPNLG today if you can, as we continue to stand together.

    We remain inspired by the sheer energy and strength of immigrant communities nationwide, especially the youth in North Carolina, Georgia, and elsewhere where ICE is undertaking mean-spirited and egregious raids and placing kids in detention. We know that, in the end, immigrant organizing and solidarity will carry the day.

    Every day NIPNLG's work moves us forward. We fought for DACA and DAPA before -- especially for those with criminal convictions -- and we will continue to fight for fairness for all immigrants. While it pales in comparison, we take pride in the Supreme Court's decision today affirming the categorical approach in Mathis v. United States.

    Please commit TODAY to supporting us in the fight for immigrant rights.

    Thank you,
    The NIPNLG crew