April 6, 2017

Information is power. Together, we are providing critical information to fight the new war on immigrants.
Here's how.

Community Advisories

Yesterday, the NIP published a community advisory on Social Media, Criminalization, and Immigration with our allies at Research Action Design. The advisory warns noncitizens how immigration agents may use social media accounts for deportation proceedings and other actions. It also includes ways to reduce risk. The advisory got 900 hits its first day. We are now translating it into Spanish.

The details of the new federal regulations are dizzying. So NIPNLG also just published a supplementary Community Advisory on DHS Implementation Memoranda, providing analyses of key changes in federal immigration enforcement. Topics covered include Executive Orders, enforcement priorities, info for survivors of domestic violence, DACA recipients, and much more. NIPNLG is applying its legal chops to bolstering immigrant information, knowledge, and resistance.

Biometric Surveillance? No!

Immigration agents have been showing up on doorsteps and demanding people submit their bodies to scanning, with little regard for due process or civil rights. With your support, NIPNLG just filed a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request with our allies at Mijente, to force the government to make its practices transparent. We filed the request when communities spoke out against civil rights violations and other abuses committed through the use of mobile fingerprinting units during raids throughout the country. Read the press release here. We'll keep you posted.


If you are a lawyer, join NIPNLG on 4/28 for our seminar, Fighting Enforcement and Keeping Famlies Together under the Trump Administration in Atlanta, GA. Topics include: Defending noncitizens with criminal records, Raids and Motions to Suppress, Suing the government for violating your clients rights--Damages/Remedies, Strategies to challenge your client’s ongoing detention, and Movement lawyering strategies in Trump Era.

Learn, Share, Inform, Empower

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Pamela Goldstein
Director of Development and Communications