March 27, 2017

They Say Back Down, We Say Double-Down

Donald Trump is adding cruelty to an already deeply flawed U.S. immigration and detention system. His contempt for immigrants includes a vicious smear campaign that tars both noncitizens and sanctuary cities. The National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild (NIPNLG) is fighting him every step of the way.

Demonstrate. Instigate. Litigate.

A fierce immigrant resistance on the ground has NIPNLG's backing, with your support. Last week in Minnesota, Ched Nin, a beloved community member, father of five, and spouse, who came to the U.S. from Cambodia at age six, won release after 6 months in detention. Ched’s release resulted from a groundswell of community advocating and agitating, supported by SEARAC (Southeast Asia Resource Action Center), Mijente, and NIPNLG. With your help, let’s continue to resist the administration's flagrant disregard for human and civil rights, and its attacks on immigrants as the "new normal."

We Won't Stop

With your support, NIPNLG just sued the president (again) in Ali v. Trump, challenging his second Executive Order ban on nationals of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. With our partners at the American Immigration Council and the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, we brought our lawsuit on behalf of tens of thousands of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents (LPR's) who petitioned for immigrant visas for family members and employees, and nationals of the six predominantly Muslim countries who are beneficiaries of those petitions. President Trump then issued a new executive order in order to avoid judicial scrutiny.

Different words, same discrimination. The team responded swiftly to the new travel ban, amending our filings, and presenting our concerns at an emergency hearing. Although parts of the second executive order were halted by federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland, our team stands ready to again seek court protection for immigrants, should a higher court overturn those rulings.

Further, with our partners, we are challenging the legality of the Controlled Application Review and Resolution Program, or any successor vetting program that unlawfully prevents noncitizens from obtaining immigration naturalization and LPR status. And we are representing classes of thousands of asylum seekers, litigating to force the government to provide notice of the one-year filing deadline for asylum applications, as well as a chance to file them. Stay tuned.

Fuel the Resistance

Your financial support makes all the difference. We now appeal to you - to support this battle on behalf of all of us, citizen and noncitizen alike. Your generosity is what has fueled NIPNLG’s non-stop resistance to the Trump administration’s draconian measures -- in the courts, on the streets, and at protests and marches around the country.

Can we count on you to contribute now? A gift of any size - $60 or $260 - makes a dent in the wall that Donald Trump seeks to erect between citizen and noncitizen, gradually shredding the fabric of our nation’s communities. We won’t back down. Will you stand with us now?

Thank you - your support is our strength.

In struggle,

Dan Kesselbrenner, Executive Director
Paromita Shah, Associate Director
Trina Realmuto, Litigation Director
Sejal Zota, Legal Director

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