Surveillance and technology-driven surveillance is the emerging centerpiece of DHS enforcement and becoming big business for private companies. From raids to visa vetting, the Department of Homeland Security has invested in scanning technology, such as fingerprint, facial, and iris technology, to carry out such enforcement tactics.

ICE uses these technologies to identify and target immigrants and their families for deportation or prosecution. DHS is deploying surveillance technology in both the interior and the border – for people who are undocumented and who have green cards and US citizens.

Meanwhile, DHS and the DOJ are putting weak, if any, limitations on how these technologies are used against immigrants and their communities, which are disproportionately communities of color.

  • use of these technologies companies that sell these products and services to DHS
  • advocacy efforts to limit the expansion of these technologies and create accountability
  • meetings and events on biometric and surveillance technologies legal developments.


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