What we offer to our members:
Our dynamic listservs serve an important role in community-building, mentorship, and info-sharing amongst members. Please note that you must be subscribed to a listserv in order to post or receive messages, and you must be a member to subscribe. More details on how to subscribe below. Questions? Contact membership@nipnlg.org.

We have the following listservs:

  • National Immigration Project (popular member listserv for legal questions and info-sharing, mostly amongst legal workers with all levels of experience)
  • Crim-imm (questions and info for work at intersection of criminal and immigration systems)
  • Litigation (mainly used by members who are litigators to share and strategize)
  • BIPOC (for members who identify as Black, indigenous & people of color)
  • Advocacy & organizing (for members who are currently involved in advocacy & organizing work or interested in supporting it)

How to access:
To subscribe to any of these listservs, members can send an empty email message to the subscription addresses below. Members will be approved to join.

  • National Immigration Project, send a blank email to: nationalimmigrationproject+subscribe@groups.io
  • Crim-imm, send a blank email to: crimimm+subscribe@groups.io
  • Litigation, send a blank email to: nipnlglitigation+subscribe@groups.io
  • BIPOC, send a blank email to: nipnlgBIPOC+subscribe@groups.io
  • Advocacy & organizing, send a blank email to: nipnlgadvocacy+subscribe@groups.io

! Important: After you send a message to a group’s subscription email address, you will receive a confirmation request message from Groups.io. You must respond to that confirmation request to complete your subscription and join the group.

The default of all these listservs is for you to receive individual email messages. If you prefer to receive a daily digest at any time, you can send an empty email to: GROUPNAME+fulldigest@groups.io

Just fill in the name of the listserv. For example, to receive a digest of the National Immigration Project member listserv (this listserv has the highest traffic), send an empty email to nationalimmigrationproject+fulldigest@groups.io. You will need to respond to the confirmation email as well.

To post messages, send your message to GROUPNAME@groups.io

You may unsubscribe from our listservs at any time by sending an empty email to GROUPNAME+unsubscribe@groups.io. You may also do so by clicking the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of any email you received over the listserv.