NIPNLG Practice Advisories address select substantive and procedural immigration law issues faced by attorneys, legal representatives and noncitizens.

They are based on legal research and may contain potential arguments and opinions of the author. Practice advisories are intended to alert readers of legal developments, assist with developing strategies and/or aid decision making. They are not meant to replace independent legal advice provided by an attorney familiar with a client’s case.

Featured Practice Advisory

The Harmful and Racist Impact of Criminal Exclusions from Legalization — Under existing federal law, people who are applying for visas or to become lawful permanent residents or citizens already face extreme bars based on interaction with the criminal legal system. If a person has any of a wide range of criminal convictions, arrests, or sometimes even if the government just has "reason to believe" they have committed certain crimes, they are disqualified and are not be allowed to immigrate or to attain status. This explainer breaks down the harmful impact of these exclusions. (August 9, 2021)
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