For 50 years, the National Immigration Project has designed innovative legal strategies to defend immigrant rights. We are committed to sharing those strategies and innovations via Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars, webinars, litigation meetings, and panels for attorneys and advocates. This page lists upcoming trainings available to members and non-members nationwide.

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Monthly NIPNLG Removal Defense Webinar: Obtaining Criminal Records

December 15, 2022

This webinar will review the strategic utility of criminal records for evaluating possible immigration consequences as well as practical pointers for the record gathering process. Faculty will also discuss common challenges with obtaining criminal records such as, "What are the possible implications of sealed or expunged records?� and “How are criminal records for youth different?"

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Removal Defense Webinar: Top Ethical Issues Facing Legal Representatives in Removal Hearings with guest speaker Retired Immigration Judge Dana Marks & NIPNLG Supervising Attorney Vickie Neilson

January 19, 2023

During this webinar the faculty will teach legal representatives of respondents in removal proceedings how to spot and resolve the most frequently encountered ethical issues. From the challenges of joint representation of spouses and family members, candor to the tribunal, and the boundaries of zealous representation to candor to the tribunal when one knows their client is embellishing or worse, this session will provide examples of both problems and solutions, as well as a discussion of the ethical rules that guide counsel through these challenging situations.

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